March 28, 2013

Spectacular Spinach Burgers

Today while I was at work I started to think about that ever-so-redundant question: What should I make for dinner tonight? Nothing that I came up with struck me as exciting, so I turned to the best app ever created for the Iphone- Pinterest. I can literally spend hours just sitting there scrolling through & pinning the day away. What I love about it is I can usually come across a recipe that looks appealing to me in less than 5 minutes of looking. Tonight's winner was Spinach "Burgers". Green, delicious and vegetarian friendly!

Not only were these burgers easy to make, but they also didn't require a lot of ingredients that were not in the kitchen already. In under 30 minutes, you have a meal that you can probably convince even the pickiest of eaters to eat. It's a great way to transform spinach into something exciting!

You can eat them without a bun like I chose to, or you can pair them with your favorite burger toppings between sandwich thins or even some pita bread. I made some fresh parsley potatoes to accompany my burgers & complete my meal. Healthy, easy & different, exactly how I enjoy my recipes! :) 

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