About Me

Martini lover, chocolate addict, traveler, [proud] shopaholic, crazy organizer, scrapbook loving, sassy blonde who loves to cook... Yep, that's me!

I decided to put my passion for a few of my absolute favorite things into a blog, which is how I came up with Eat.Travel.Shop. I want to share my favorite recipes, vacation spots, new finds when shopping, etc. with the blogging community while connecting with others. The possibilities are endless! I'm sure there will be times that my posts are irrelevant to food, travel and shopping, but that's because there's more to my life than that!

I have a degree in Business Management as well as Fashion Retail and Merchandising. I completed my classes in December and was thrown into the "real world". I never thought I'd say this, but I kind of miss school for the creative aspects of creating projects, writing papers, and learning new things. Although I am still learning new things each day, it is just not as structured. I think blogging will allow me to channel some creative energy as well!  

I have a big Italian family, an amazing boyfriend named Paul, some fabulous friends, and an adorable Maltese, Sophie. Life is good.