February 20, 2013

My First Shot at Blogging

I [re]started my healthy eating venture at the beginning of this week. Not just because summer will be here before we know it, but because I really do enjoy eating healthy and fresh foods. However, sometimes with how busy life can be, it is often easier to just throw a pizza in the oven or call for take out... I admit to falling into that category from time to time. Although your stomach may be satisfied from those foods at the moment, it usually is followed by a form of regret. I decided this week to try my hardest to start eliminating those feelings and replace them with feeling energized from the nutrients of healthy foods. I also believe that eating healthier puts you in a better mood and makes you feel good, which is a total plus.

Tonight for dinner I had homemade minestrone soup, delicious and perfect for a cold winter day. My key factors when looking for recipes are: 1. They sound good, new or interesting and 2. They are fairly simple. The second one is important especially during the week since sometimes I only get around to making dinner later than I would like. This recipe is both delicious & simple, and definitely worth a try. You can find it under  my recipe tab which is where I will post the recipes I highlight in posts.

I ended my night with a sweet treat, a deep chocolate VitaTop muffin. These things are one of my favorite snacks, and are actually a "healthy" alternative to a muffin. I enjoyed mine warmed in the microwave for a few seconds and topped with a squirt of spray butter.

I guess that's it for my first post.. almost time for the weekend!

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